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Jim Miller Design Ltd
92 Livingstone Road
East Sussex
+44 (0)1273 233548

CPHD Consultant

Passivhaus Trust
Passivhaus Retrofit

JMD | Passivhaus Retrofit for Brighton & Hove, Sussex and the South

We advocate Passivhaus (Passive House) principles for both retrofits/renovations as well as new builds in Brighton & Hove, Sussex and the South to improve your building's performance and therefore reduce utility bills, improve comfort and safeguard the building structure.

We take a fabric first approach, i.e. ensuring a highly insulated and airtight structure to minimise energy use at source, and then consider alternative heating options and renewables. Projects can be modelled in the Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP) as a design tool to improve and optimise the building or as a route to full certification. Jim is a Certified European Passivhaus Designer.

Working regularly with local professionals, specialists and contractors means the right team can be assembled for your project and competitive tendering ensures you get the best price from a contractor you can trust. The whole process is expertly managed from beginning to end providing you with peace of mind.